Weekly Update

WHEW!  What a busy week.  Our Church has been in Bible School all week and it’s been wild, crazy, and hectic to say the least.  Both of the boys are so off their schedule we may not ever see normal with them again, but that is quiet alright. They both had a great time at Bible School as did Heather and myself. God is good all the time!

I was just a little concerned with my diet this week.  I lost that ‘control what you eat’ factor with having dinner prepared at the Church every night  so to say I was worried about hopping on the Weight Watcher scale yesterday afternoon would be a slight understatement.  However I put on my big girl undies and made that step, honestly expecting to have gained a couple of pounds. Definitely not expecting to lose anything so when the nice young lady doing the weigh-ins entered my weight and total loss of .6 I was pleased.  .6 may not be a lot but to me it was a success.  My total weight loss to date is 20.4 lbs since May 13, 2010.  I have about 30lbs to go to reach my first goal and I have about 9 weeks to do that in. That would put me at needing a weight loss of about 3.5 lbs per week and that is easily do-able if I stay on the program and add in some serious exercise. 50 total pounds before Baby Bit gets here would be totally awesome!

Quick update with Heather … she is doing much better with her leg issues and she has been attending Occupational Therapy for her hands. She wears braces on both hands/wrists at night and she has a lot less problems with her hands falling asleep at random.  Everything else is right on que for delivery in mid to late August.  We go back to MAHEC in Asheville on July 14th. It will be an ALL DAY affair starting at 8am to do her transfer of care and culminating with a 1:00pm target sonogram where we hope to get a look at Baby Bit in 4D.  I’ll be sure to post pictures if we’re lucky enough to get some good ones.

Busy weekend ahead getting ready for our Yard Sale next weekend. I believe it’s suppose to be another HOT weekend so I’m sure there will be some water play in there somewhere. Church on Sunday and lots of cooking on the grill.  I think we’ve fallen into a routine of work, clean, grill, Church, sleep.  Seems to be all we do anymore.

Have a great weekend!


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