Prayers For My Daughter

My daughter is 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That means her new bundle of joy will join our family in about eight weeks. With the state of my house at the moment and everything that we have coming up over the next couple of weeks, that’s saying a whole lot. Eight weeks is not a long time … but it is when you’ve been surprisingly placed on ‘modified’ bed rest. (that said with sadness!)

Heather went this morning for her regular OB visit and her blood pressure was through the roof. We’ve been tracking her blood pressure since the weekend because she kept feeling light headed and nauseated. It’s been a little higher than normal but not real bad. This morning wasn’t pretty at all.  They had her lay in the exam room for a while then they took her pressure again. It was still higher than is should be but not as high as when they first checked it.  SO it looks like rest is bringing it down some. While we were there we got a quick look at Baby Bit and he’s growing perfectly. He is right on target for where he should be at this point in her pregnancy. It was fun to see him and see how much he has grown since May. Dr. C has also requested another 24 hour urine catch to check for protein in her urine and to rule out early pre-eclampsia.  NOT what we wanted to hear.

This weekend is riddled with a variety of things planned. Lil Man’s Aunt Jess will be here to spend a few weeks with us, which in hindsight is a good thing now.  We have a HUGE yard sale planned for Saturday morning. We’re going to see Beauty and The Beast preformed by our local drama group on Sunday afternoon … and so much more to do over the weekend …

Unfortunately I’m not sure how much Heather will be able to do.  Of all the things Dr. C could have offered or done … he placed her on ‘modified’ bed rest until Friday. He ordered the 24 hour urine catch to be started today.  He ordered addition lab/blood work. AND even though he will be out of town on Friday he wants her back in the office for another blood pressure check and follow-up with all the lab stuff.  She will be seeing Dr. B on Friday and if things haven’t leveled off then they will admit her to the hospital for 24 hour/round the clock monitoring of her blood pressure and another ‘in-house’ urine catch.

I ask today that you pray for her. Pray for this precious little boy she is growing inside of her. Pray specifically that her blood pressure will come down and stay down. Pray for her to have patience to stay down and stay rested like the Dr has ordered. Pray for my sanity while I step it up another notch and pick up the things that she normally takes care of during the day while I am at work.  Pray for the babies we have at home (Lil Man & Lil Bit), pray they will understand why Aunt Heather/Mommy has to stay in bed and rest.

Delivery is on the horizon but right now is to early.  We’d love for her to stay pregnant at least another 6-7 weeks.

Thank you for praying. I will update when I can.


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