Win a Britax Boulevard Car Seat!

What parent wouldn’t love to win a Britax Boulevard car seat?  I’m a grandma to two little boys with a new grandson due to arrive in a few short weeks. The awesome thing about my grandchildren is that they live with me and I get to spend every day waking up to their precious little faces and taking them with me almost everywhere I go. About the only exception is when I go to work. Needless to say I have a wide variety of car seat in my possession. My daughter and I both have car seats for the two older boys but we’re still short one seat for the new baby. I would love to add the Britax Boulevard to my current car seat collection for the new baby when he arrives.

Today I found a most awesome giveaway – It’s for the Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat!

There are numerous, simple ways to enter.  I’ve entered and you should too (however I’m surely hoping to win this one for myself 🙂 ! Visit the Christmas in July: Britax Boulevard Giveaway at Mom Start Everything Through Their Eyes And Mine and you can enter this wonderful giveaway too!


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