Weight Update and More

So I have done a pretty lousy job of keeping my weight lost journey up to date and even a poorer job of keeping everything else up to date.  I’ll try to do that now .. In bullet format cause, as usual I’ve got a ton of other fish to fry!

I’ll start with weigh losses since my last update on June 25, 2010

– July 1st – I didn’t lose anything but even better I didn’t gain anything

– July 8th – I lost 2.8 pounds

– July 15th – I lost 1 pound

– July 22 – I lost 3.8 pounds

– Grand total weight loss to date (11 weeks) – 33.2 pounds

Now other quick updates

– Baby shower for my daughter last weekend. It was so fun and cute too.  Pictures here!

– Hospitalization for my daughter Wednesday night

– She is on total bed rest until baby comes

– Doctor’s say 6 weeks …

– We say 4 weeks …

– Measurements say 4 weeks

– We think that WE are correct

– We’ll have to wait and see!

– Lil Man & Lil Bit are anxious for Baby Boy to arrive

– He finally has a name!

– I’ll post more as we know more


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