Still Around – View My Day

I am still alive but BUSY! I never thought adding a new baby to the mix could make such a difference. Boy was I fooled. Two boys weren’t that big of  a challenge so I figured having one more along would keep the flow going. Adding a third has totally screwed up everything I thought a schedule should be … and in case you’re new here … None of these three precious, beautiful, wonderful, awesome little boys are actually mine by birth. They are my grandsons – one of which I do have legal custody, the other two just live with me (their mama does too!).

Anyways let me give you a glimpse of just one of my days … I’ll even choose today because it’s already been a busy one and it’s only half over …

4:00 am – I hear baby boy crying but his Mama isn’t moving. (In her defense she started a new medicine last night and it’s knocking her for a loop). I got out of bed, found his binky, placed it back in his mouth – crying stopped, he settled, and I went back to bed.

5:15am – I hear baby boy crying again but his Mama isn’t moving (see above). I got up, turned on the light and woke his Mama up. Asked if she was going to let him cry to which she said she was sorry and started to get out of bed. Thanks to the back injury she is nursing till surgery time AND the new medicine she can barely move. She reached for baby boy and realized that, bless his heart, he was SOAKED from his head to his toes. He had totally soaked his diaper, sleeper, and the bed.  His Mama asked if I could help. Of course I did.

5:25am – Give baby boy a bath. Nothing I hate worse than a baby that reeks of urine from not being bathed. (Mama is stripping the bed and making his bottle) Finish bath, give baby boy to Mama, go back to bed

6:00am – Clock alarm goes off … hit snooze

6:29am – Clock alarm goes off … Hear Lil Man get out of bed … no more snooze … get up to start day

6:35am – Have Lil Man settled with cartoons and cup of milk … Head off to shower

6:45am – Shower over, dry off and blow dry hair

6:55am – Hear Lil Man getting upset and hear him coming to join me in the bathroom. He’s dressing himself for school. Stop what I’m doing to assist him.

7:00am – Tuck Lil Man back into his chair with cartoons and rest of his milk.

7:05am – Put Meatballs and sauce in Crock Pot for dinner

7:15am – Get dressed & wake up Lil Bit

7:25am – Head out the back door to take Lil Man & Lil Bit to daycare/headstart then on to work myself.

8:00am – Clock in to work and begin my day

9:40am – Head back to Lil Man’s school for a meeting and craft time (We made Owls!)

10:30 – 11:30am – While working with 15  three year old children, realize why I never became a teacher. I did have fun helping the kids with this craft though. This is something I’m planning to do with the kids once a month. Pray for me? Next month is Turkeys made from foot and hand prints.

12:00 – Return to the office …

1:40pm – Decide to share my day with whomever wants to read about it

1:49pm – Current time

This is what the remainder of my day will look like …

2:15pm – Leave office for a meeting at 2:30 (may or may not return to office depending on how long the meeting takes)

4:00pm – Weigh in at Weight Watchers – Dreading this one because my meals for the past two weeks have been hard to manage with everything going on … expecting to see some weight gain rather than loss but that’s ok … I’ve vowed to get back on track beginning tomorrow morning!

5:00pm – Pick Lil Man & Lil Bit up from daycare/headstart

5:45pm – Have dinner on the table. Tonight is Italian Meatballs in six cheese sauce over pasta with garlic bread

?pm – 9pm – Do two loads of laundry, clean the kitchen, bath three little boys, make cookies, read stories, have milk and freshly baked cookies, tuck two little boys into bed, give third little boy a bottle and get him ready for bed. (I care for the boys at night while Mama goes to her NA meetings … they keep her clean and off the streets and allows her to be the Mama the babies need and deserve … without her meeting and determination to stay clean I would be raising all three boys by myself)

9:00pm – Have all three boys in bed, clothes laid out for school on Friday and be ready to crash in front of TV for Grey’s Anatomy.

Is this what my days typically look like?  Not always. I usually don’t have the early morning baby bath and only once a month do I have craft day at school and other meetings. For the most part though it’s an everyday routine otherwise. I’m up early, shower, get the big boys ready for school, drop them off, go to work for an 8 hour day (which will be changing in about 5 weeks when our software ships for the season when I’ll start working LONG days), pick the big boys up from school, go home to make dinner, do dishes, do laundry, bath boys, put them to bed and hopefully (if I’m lucky) get to crash in front of the TV by 9:00pm but usually it’s 10:00 or later. Always try to be in bed by 11 though.

There you have it … a day in my life and why I don’t get to come here very often anymore.

Just for smiles … a few pictures of the boys

Lil Bit – 19 months

Lil Man – 3 years

Baby Boy – 11 weeks

Happy Fall to all of you!