Jesus Called

Yesterday afternoon Jesus called and my Aunt answered. She was sleeping peacefully when the call came in and when she woke up, she was standing at our Heavenly Father’s side.

I have so many questions.  Death is not new to our family. Aunt Curley’s death has had such a strange impact on my thoughts.  I found myself with so many unanswered questions last night. So many things came to mind. I want to share some of this with you …

We know she is with our Heavenly Father.

We know she is healed.

We know she is happy although we here on earth are so very sad.

We know all of these things, but there are things we don’t know and my mind is wandering to those things …

Things such as …

Who all was standing with our Heavenly Father waiting to welcome her home?

Was she scared, happy, excited, or saddened to be leaving us behind here on earth?

We know she has been reunited with loved ones who went on before her …

She suffered the loss of three babies over 40 years ago … when she got to Heaven yesterday afternoon did she see them immediately? Did they know her?

She lost a granddaughter 22 years ago … Was Jessica waiting to greet her?

Was Granny and Paw waiting to greet her?

Has she seen all of our family who has passed on?

How does it all happen?  When we get to Heaven and are made whole again … do we start over as infants or do we remain the age we are at death? What happens?

I know these questions will all be answered for us … someday … when Jesus calls us home.

I know I’ll see Aunt Curley again … Until then I will wonder … What happens when Jesus calls us home?

Rest in peace Aunt Curley.  You were a great woman who is loved and missed by so many.  When you get a minute … Search out my grandbaby and pass along a hug and kiss from Nanny. Take care and we’ll see you again someday on the golden streets of  Heaven.  Maybe then we’ll find time to bake a cake together again 🙂

I love you Aunt Curley.


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