This Week Holds …

In list format …

1. A week of late shift which means I don’t get home until after 10:00pm

2. As a result of late shift I don’t get to see Lil Man all week. He’s staying with his Granny Moe this week.

3. Lil Bit & Baby Boy will be in bed when I get home so I don’t get to cuddle them at night either.

4. I do get to see them in the morning though … I’m glad.

5. I’m going to miss Lil Man.

6. I may surprise him and do Reading Circle one morning this week before I go to work.

7.  I have to spend another small fortune on vehicle repairs this week.

8.  More snow

9.  Determination to get back on the Weight Watcher Plan and feel better again.

10.  Dishing out a little more rope

Another week … Another paycheck … Another week I’m glad to have a job … Another week when I realize how much I appreciate my co-workers …

Another week when I miss the babies so much … I can hardly wait for Sunday when I’ll get to spend the entire day lovin’ on them all three 🙂


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