I Am Automobile Poor

And to this I am not kidding! I have spent a small fortune in auto purchase and repairs … all in the past 6 weeks or so. Don’t believe me? I’ll share …

On or about January 21st – four new tires (Ford Windstar) = $316.08

January 28 – Repair Water Pump leak (Ford Windstar) = $154.33

February 3 – Repair Electric Seat Switch (Ford Windstar) – $75.00

February 11 – Purchase used Nissan Quest (for 2nd Vehicle – Still have Ford Windstar) – $2000.00

February 11 – Department Of Motor Vehicle Fees for Nissan Quest Title, registration, taxes – $132.10

February 18 – Vehicle Inspection & Tag for Nissan Quest – $41.60

February 24 – Replace five hoses, thermostat, gasket, and blend door actuator on Ford Windstar (I have heat now) $ 648.59

While I was on the phone with the repair shop getting the details of what it took to fix the Windstar I received a call that the Nissan Quest was broke down on the side of the road.Thank goodness I have access to AAA for free towing.

February 25 – Timing belt and all other belts replaced on Nissan Quest – $Lord only knows (roughly $400.00)

AND we can only pray that the valves didn’t mess up when the timing belt broke on the Nissan. If not, then replacing the belts should do it. If they did mess up … I’m screwed!

Do you agree that I am officially automobile poor?

In other news …

Baby Boy is still recovering from his battle with stomach flu and RSV

Lil Bit is battling a cough and cold that appears to be lingering forever.

Lil Man … I’m happy to report has been pretty healthy. For that I am thankful. Having his tonsils & adenoids removed last March was probably the best thing we’ve had done for him … well that and having tubes put in his ears.

Heather … Still being Heather

Me … I’m still giving rope and kissing my summer vacation good-bye. BUT I do have plans for a major home overhaul as quick as tax season is over. If luck be on my side when I’m finished with the overhaul I will have a house free of clutter, a yard sale to beat all yard sales, and that will result in having the money to break away for a long weekend with me, myself, and I! OH … and Lil Man, Lil Bit, and Baby Boy! They seem to go everywhere their Naaneee goes.

One last thing … Lil Man is going to be playing T-Ball this spring. He’s excited and so am I!

Have a bless weekend and if you feel led … Say a prayer for my sanity and my bank account 🙂