Where I Get Personal

Now that you know the journey I have embarked upon it’s time to get personal.  This is most likely going to be the most difficult post I will write throughout this journey.  Bear with me and be kind.

In order to adequately display ME I’m going to share ME with you.  Here goes …

There! I’ve done it! I’ve posted a full body shot of the person I am and it’s embarrassing … BUT … I am NOT going to let the drag me down. In fact … I am going to let this photo be my inspiration. Over the next few months I will look back at this picture to remind myself exactly why I chose the journey I am on.

The next step is to share numbers so I will have something to look back on and compare future numbers to.  After each appointment with a doctor, with a dietician, or after a dietary class or group meeting I will post the importing things that I bring with me from those meeting.  What I will share today is the Initial Medical Visit numbers:

Height – 5’7″

Weight  342.6lbs

BMI (Body Mass Index) 53.6

PBF (Percent Body Fat) 53.2

Pounds to lose before surgery – 17

I have three appointments coming up over the next four weeks that will complete the Second Stage.  The first one, like most females, I am NOT looking forward to.  I have been negligent in having an annual physical. Bringing my annual physical up to date is the first requirement I was given during my initial visit yesterday.  Along with my physical exam I have to endure a Psychological Evaluation, walk at least one mile three times a week (won’t be a problem!), and start eating a healthy breakfast.  THAT is most likely going to be my toughest change. I usually either skip breakfast entirely or do the quick fast food/fried food breakfast.  It has been recommended that I make breakfast a healthy protein shake. I plan to give that a shot this weekend. If I like it … I will share it with you.

Future visits are on June 28, July 7, and July 14.  I was told yesterday that realistically I could be at the point of seeing the surgeon and scheduling/having my weight loss surgery the end of September/first of October.  When asked what my time frame was … my response was “yesterday!”

SO … I have gotten personal and shared with you myself. Stay with me and watch as I transform into a new, healthier, and happier ME.  I also want to share with you how being morbidly obese has affected my life so stay tuned for that as well.

Until then …


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