How’s It Going?

Well … I’m getting there! It seems like things are dragging and taking forever but honestly they aren’t.  I could conceivably have my surgery by mid to end of September. If it’s later than that it definitely won’t be because I’m dragging my feet.  My biggest struggle is to get off the required 5% weight loss. HOWEVER … I am doing it … slowly.  In the beginning I had 17lbs to lose. 12lbs of that has to be lost BEFORE I can go to the surgeon. This is in addition to everything else that is required before the initial visit with the surgeon. On August 11th, provided I have hit the -12lb mark I will be ready to go to the surgeon.  On August 11 I have my third medical visit and the final dietary class. The first dietary class was really informative. I took the new knowledge to the grocery store with me earlier this week and it made me realize how important it is to read labels and know what you are eating.

How is the weight loss going?  Not bad actually.  It could be better but I’m not complaining. I have lost a total of 6.4 pounds.  I need to lose at least 5.6 pounds before my visit on August 11th. I’m working hard and increasing my activity/exercise so hopefully I will be successful, then it’s on to the surgeon.

A lady I work with has received her surgery date and I’m excited for her. She has been a big encouragement for me and I look forward to walking this journey with her. I’m praying for a successful surgery for her and look forward to seeing how she does afterward.

I’ll let you know how my appointment on August 11th goes!


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  1. Cinderella
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 17:53:12

    Hope you had good luck with the weight loss, LindaBelle.
    The appointment with your surgeon is coming up soon on the 11th!

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