Where Is My Weight Loss Journey Today?

I’m so glad you asked!

I had a follow-up yesterday (Wednesday August 16, 2011) with the Weight Loss Management Center in Asheville. This visit was only for a weigh-in.  When I was there last Thursday for the final required dietary class and the 3rd required MD visit before going to the surgeon, I was roughly four pounds from the weight I needed to be in order to go to the surgeon. While I was disappointed I knew the weight would come off. As I was checking out the program director offered me the opportunity to visit with their dietician to see what, if anything could be changed to help bring the weight off.

While visiting with Elizabeth we reviewed my usually daily diet. When we were finished she looked at me with a big smile and said “This is going to be easy.” I wanted to smack her!!  The next words out of her mouth made me laugh. She said “You’re not eating enough.”  I thought, how in the world can I eat more and still lose weight. She went through my diet with me and increased the amount of protein I was eating by adding a protein bar in the afternoon and Greek yogurt at night. She said my body was in starvation mode, wouldn’t lose ‘bad weight’, but it would destroy the lean body mass trying to compensate for not getting the proper nutrients.

With that information I headed home to step up to a new dietary course. I added the proteins and changed up a couple of other things to try and hit my goal.  Friends … let me tell ya … by the end of the day on Friday … I was MISERABLE! I felt so bloated and full. I truly thought I was going to be sick.  I kept up with this diet on Saturday and while I wasn’t as miserable I still thought I was making a huge mistake in eating all this ‘required’ food.  Funny thing happened on Sunday … I woke up HUNGRY. I was absolutely starving to death when I woke up Sunday morning and I had eaten a cup of Greek Yogurt before going to bed Saturday night.  I fed my hunger with the appropriate meal, went to Church, and by the time I got home … I was HUNGRY again. I hadn’t felt this kind of hunger in a long time and here it is three days into a new diet plan and I was starving. Throughout the day Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday I followed this diet plan and fed the hunger with the proper diet.

Wednesday I headed to Asheville for a weigh-in with a lot of skepticism. I never dreamed with all the food I had been eating that I would lose the necessary four pounds to be able to be referred to the surgeon, much less any additional weight.  Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scales and found that I had lost 11.1 pounds in five short day.  Not only did I reach the goal for going to the surgeon, I am also 1.8 pounds below my total 5% weight loss goal.

That said … I am sitting on pins & needles waiting for the surgeon to call!  I will keep you posted and hopefully soon I will have a surgery date!

And YES … I DID lose  11.1 pounds in just FIVE day.



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