Still Shaking My Head in Disappointment

If you read my previous post then you know I was super duper excited for the coming weekend.  I was even looking forward to being able to post some new photos this week and give you a rundown of the weekends excitement.  I’m going to start at the beginning and give you a complete rundown.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I get my camera back … Here goes …

Friday night was absolutely the most awesome thing I have done since my last trip out west. Only this was probably even better. I had more fun than a single slightly old lady should have.  I had not been to a football game since I was in high school – 30 years ago.  I’m honestly not sure who had more fun … my former classmates and I or the winning team on the field. The game was awesome … We won! but the company was the absolute best.  We had about 30 classmates show up for the game and we rocked the stands from beginning to end. Everyone was laughing, talking, and simply enjoying themselves. One of our classmates went so far as to wear his athletic Letter Man Jacket from high school.  THAT rocked! (So did he … just saying!) I honestly hated to see Friday evening come to an end, but it did … all to soon for me.

Saturday was busy getting prepared for the evening.  Triple Kudos to my friends Cheryl,  Teressa & Becki for all their hard work.  I spent a couple of hours Saturday evening making sure I was ready. Folks … I never wear makeup anymore and doing my hair is pretty much a thing of the past … but for Saturday evening … I did it and I was tickled with the results.  I looked ‘hot’ if I do say so myself 🙂  I showed up at the venue right at 5pm which was our appointed time of arrival.  The DJ was there and ready to setup. One look at him and I knew the evening was going to be perfect.  He was ‘hot’ too! and he came in tow with loads of professional equipment and a playlist that was right up my alley.  I got a preview while they were setting up and doing their sound checks and in short .. It Rocked!  Not long after the DJ arrived, the caterer showed with their evening fair.  That’s where I feared thing were going to get tough. OH the food smelled so scrumptious. I was tempted … but I turned away. Was actually easier than I thought.  I was way to excited to eat and way to nervous to worry about it.


My heart sank when I saw the call was from my brother-in-laws phone. He never calls me unless something is wrong. With hesitation I answered it and my sisters asked me who had fallen at her house and broke their wrist.  YYYYY I didn’t have a clue .. I wasn’t there … I was at my class reunion getting ready to have an awesome evening … BUT panic set it because Lil Man was with my Mama.  I tried calling mama, both on her cell and home phone. NO answer.  I kinda brushed it all off, knowing that she and Lil Man were going to the store and mama has a bad habit of not taking her phone with her.  A few minutes later my phone rang again … I knew then I was doomed but I wasn’t sure just how far doomed I was going to be.  The call was my sister telling me that Mama had fallen and broke her wrist. She stressed that mama was just fine but I needed to get Lil Man.  I stressed then figured that Heather owed me one and she could get Peyton since it wasn’t long till bedtime and she could manage to get them in bed and go on with what she had to do. If it go to bad then I could run home, put him to bed, and go back.  DONE …

Not so much …

My sister called and said she thought I should come to the hospital … not in Franklin .. in Sylva! I could see my evening slipping through my fingers. Today it all still doesn’t make sense and I’m struggling with how I feel …

Neighbor’s (also family) had gone down to Mama’s to get Lil Man so he could see the baby coons playing in the tree outside their house.  Mama decided she would walk up to their house too. Instead of taking 2 minutes to put on shoes, she took off in her house shoes.  She got on lose gravel and lost her footing thus causing a fall that broke her wrist. We don’t have decent orthopedics in Franklin so when EMS picked her up she requested to go to Sylva, which they obliged. Depending on the severity of the break she may have needed transport to Asheville.  That’s where things get crazy and confusing. My sister called again to see if  I was coming to the hospital.  Still not sure the reasoning behind that but at any rate … that is the call that destroyed my excitement for the evening.  People were starting to arrive and I was alive and electric to see everyone … all the sudden my electricity was GONE.  Everything turned black …  I ended up having to leave, get Lil Man, make a trip to MedWest ER … where I proceeded to sit in the ER waiting room … dressed to the party nines … for about 3 1/2 hours while the doctor set mama’s wrist and cast it.  She was discharged home just before 11pm. My class reunion … ended at 11pm.  I wasn’t thought of again until I was within 7 miles of home when my phone rang and it was my sister calling to see where I was.  Evening wasted!  I had never felt so disappointed and hurt.  I cried … I still cry.  Saturday night was a big deal for me and it’s an evening that will NEVER happen again … 30 years don’t happen but once and I worked so hard … only to have it taken from me.  Do I blame anyone … NO.  It happened … get over it … but it hurts.  Maybe if I had even felt ‘included’ while waiting at the ER things would have been different.  I felt like I was in the way and was wasting my time. I felt like it didn’t matter that I was there … and I still feel like it didn’t matter.

I missed the most awesome evening.  I’m still getting notes of thanks for all the hard work organizing the event, and equal notes of regrets that I couldn’t be there.  My former classmates aren’t even required to acknowledge that the evening was wonderful and that I was missed … but the fact of the matter is that they are … they said something … My family … not so much.

All that grief to only be faced with more grief … Surgery coming up on Monday and as of right now I don’t even have anyone to take me to the hospital on Monday morning, much less be there for me while I’m in surgery or be waiting when I come out of recovery.  I’m not even sure I’ll have a ride home from the hospital on Wednesday.  Right now … I’m not even sure if I’m going to get to have my surgery and that makes me even sadder than missing my reunion on Saturday night.  I’ve worked my tail off to get to this day and now it may not even happen.

I’m on a down low self pity kick right now … I covet your prayers AND I promise that by God’s grace I will post new photos and stats soon.


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